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Pyjama Investing

With the ongoing pandemic shutdowns, baking bread and “pyjama investing” have become the hottest new trends. No need to suit up, just cosy up and get down to basics.

The idea of “investing” can feel both overwhelming and intimidating. Don’t worry, you won’t need a doctorate in finance or business. Basic investment strategy is simply about creating and following good money habits and being consistent in your plan. The penny jar in your garage still has value and, room for growth. A forgotten asset. Diversify your Penny Jar portfolio by adding shiny dimes and quarters. Your Jar Investment starts to sparkle with potential. Small change can lead to big financial changes that quickly convert to dollars in your savings account.

There is no need to get “miserly” and give up on the joys of life, just manage your options. You might think your addicted to that Double-Grande Macchiato with an extra shot, but check out your local, independent coffee shops for equally awesome but cheaper cuppas. Saving can taste good and feels great.

Bills don’t go away and who needs another one on the pile? You do! Bill yourself. As CEO of your world, you deserve to be paid. Whether it’s every two weeks or once a month, make that payment as steady as the utility bills.

Already your pyjama investment strategy is on it’s the way to bigger asset growth and cosy slippers down the road.

Once you have a little money to play with, you can start to carefully invest. Do some research. Compare and check if fees are charged. Start a pyjama party and ask your friends what platforms they like and, why. Don’t give your precious Penny Jar portfolio to just anyone.

Robo-advisors and auto-deduction savings account plans can make your money work while you play. Stock trading apps that don’t charge fees allow you join the low-risk party and learn valuable investing lessons without losing your pyjamas. Investing comes in many different forms and as a newbie, best to keep it Simple and Safe until you’re ready to window shop for a new suit.

With so many different options, investing for beginners has become simpler and more transparent than ever before. There are many insightful sites to guide you on your financial path of pennies to dollars.

It is a heady experience how addictive and satisfying growing your money can be. Just keep adding those zeros; .1¢> .10¢> $1.00 >$10.00 >$100.00. You get the idea!

Here are Three “Tried & True” starters to help fund your new pyjama investment plan.

1: THE PENNY JAR APPROACH: Saving and investing are best friends in the financial world. To invest money, you first need to save. Keep it simple and start with a number that doesn’t hurt.

Can you do $10 per week? Maybe more, maybe less. This is your Plan and you are in charge. The “No pain” threshold gives confidence to grow later. $40 per month grows to $500 in a year. Stash your money away as “forgotten” for now. Let it keep growing. Get yourself into the habit of living on a just a little bit less. Remember, don’t raid the penny jar for daily “wants”. Keep it out of sight and away from immediate temptations.

An electronic version of the penny jar is an online savings account. Some banks even have plans that “round up” the pennies for you and pop it right into your savings account. Very cool.

2. TRIMMING: Ouch! We all have them. Those forgotten auto-paid subscriptions, high-interest rate credit cards, and un-used services. Time to clean up your act and bring those pennies back home. Turn off the auto-renews and “free” trial memberships. There are some excellent apps that help track and manage these financial leaks. Many times this simple process will bring strong returns and fresh funds for your investment portfolio.

3. COMPARE AND SHARE: It used to be an exhausting exercise to compare for better insurance rates or find discounts. Apps have become our Besties on the road to becoming investors. Lowering your monthly bills means more monthly cash accruing in the penny jar. And, more fun playing with those penny stocks. Share the cost and the fun of your Netflix or Hulu accounts with friends and watch those extra dollars fund your next bigger stock purchase.

The bottom line is, you can take control of your finances and become an investor. There are many sites, apps and simple ways to learn about investing and fund your new passion. You don’t need to be a millionaire or wear a suit, your pyjamas will do just fine. Get comfortable with your money and remember the Pyjama Rule of money management and investing; Keep it simple and have some fun!



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