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Karin, a writer, traveler & freelance journalist covers the human story around the world. She tends to be in the wrong place at the right time@

Secretary of State; Antony Blinken just announced, starting immediately, one can choose to identify as either M (male) or F (female) without needing to provide any proof of medical certification. Which is good. I think. The State Department further announced that at sometime in the future, the option of a third or “X” gender will be instituted. That’s great. I think.

This is not actually “new” in the weird, international world of passports. At least 8 countries have already instituted the “X” box including; Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Nepal and New Zealand. Interesting mix right?

Joe Biden came into…

In Lieu Of Golfing

Golf course
Golf course

Fourth of July is about to explode. Just in time for fire season. Any official with a lick of sense would ban them outright, “rights” be damned. But, who am I kidding. Climate change is low on the totem pole of business. Who cares about tomorrow when we can have a fossil fuel guzzling new car at 0% today? Priorities with Average Joe and Jane are all about “me” getting it -Now. Amazon built their entire business model around it. Instant, cheap gratification and to hell with climatic real, long-term costs.

We are all delighted to…

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Moving forward through the pandemic as a country and world, I find myself contemplating the concept of “happiness”. How it is defined it in our rapidly changing world. Is it a personal ephemeral state and, can it endure beyond this moment or day?

As an “old” style journalist, I support the importance of observing and sharing events and issues that affect our present and future lives. I advocate for “the pen is mightier than the sword philosophy”. That fundamental journalism belief that factual knowledge is a compelling tool. Facts are powerful accelerators for change. Those who…

America: The Great UnMasking

Thursday, May 13, 2021. Day of the Great American Un-Masking. An unexpected announcement from the CDC declared vaccinated people can go mask free. A surprising twist bound to stir some confusion among the ranks. The most obvious rabbit hole being, how do we know who Is vaccinated? I mean really and truly. I ‘m not the only one who took one look at the vaccination card and declared; “damn, I can print that at home”! The FBI will have to hire some new peeps to unmask that issue. …

gift jp

Covid - The Gift of Hope

The UK, US and Germany just announced plans to begin vaccinating people as early as mid- December to January 2021. Today, the numbers continue to rise in a combined second and third wave. Thousands continue to be infected and are still dying from Covid-19. That is our current reality. However, with these headlines, we can feel an almost discernible sigh of hope breathed out across the world.

Pfizer (using its new (mRNA) delivery technology) and BioNTech are seeking to secure emergency US and European authorisation for their version of the vaccine as early as…

Book Burning

Cancelling Culture- Here We Go Again

As a world we are with waking up from our pandemic hibernation to welcome finally, Spring. Vaccines are sporadically rolling out waves of sunny hope. Our fingers fly across the internet hovering over the “book-it” button for vacations and travel. We are doing our damndest to forget everything about 2020 as fast as possible. We are hard at work cramming our New Normal into as much as will fit back into the Old Normal box. With a shoe that pinches, we strive to hobble on.

There is a niggling feeling, as we emerge from…


Pyjama Investing

With the ongoing pandemic shutdowns, baking bread and “pyjama investing” have become the hottest new trends. No need to suit up, just cosy up and get down to basics.

The idea of “investing” can feel both overwhelming and intimidating. Don’t worry, you won’t need a doctorate in finance or business. Basic investment strategy is simply about creating and following good money habits and being consistent in your plan. The penny jar in your garage still has value and, room for growth. A forgotten asset. Diversify your Penny Jar portfolio by adding shiny dimes and quarters. Your Jar Investment…

Fanpop Nickolodeon

“At Will Is For Penguins”

On Jan 5th, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio signed off on new legislation effectively ending “at-will” employment for fast food restaurants in New York City. This critical event has gone largely unnoticed beyond local howling of affected business owners. The HR world is deliberately quiet. At this juncture of writing, we are sadly obliged to claim yet another “unprecedented” pandemic moment. “Extraordinary” with shades of “miraculous” would perhaps be more definitive tags in lesser times.

With a Democratic controlled government officially grasping the reins of power, we wonder what further “unprecedented” events loom ahead…

The Biggest Lie

Only a few more days. Wed Jan 20, 2021. The Big Day. Inauguration for the incoming Biden/Harris regime. Red flushed by Blue. As hours tick forward, beneath the bated breath of a nation are bubbling raw resentments, uncertain partnerships and dark rumours of insurrection. The old guard will not go quietly into the night to build a new library. We have been invited to a red and blue costume party and are being served a heady cocktail of fake news blended with fuzzy facts. The hangover will be epic.

Sunday, the NSA (National Security Agency) confirmed it…


The Death of A Salesman

January 6th, 2021 and the American capitol city is erupting in violence. Mobs storm the House, destroying our last mirage. The last great deception that we, America are in control.

With the November 2020 election of Joe Biden, the world breathed out a sigh of relieved expectation. The results would bring stability at last to the spreading chaos of a pandemic year. The greatest country in the world was back on track.

Jon Ossoff claimed the Senate victory in Georgia, and the government turned officially from Red to Blue. In doing so it set fire…

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